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I'm Julian Post

Workflow analyst, creator, and Airtable superfan.
Airtable is the tool that I use, but it's not my core skill. I'm here to make your work systems faster, easier, and more organized. My process has three main steps:
1. Understand the needs of your business. What data you capture, how it's currently stored, and what you do with it.

2. Plan a system that will meet your business needs, and sketch it out for you. This is similar to a website or logo design, because database design is just as subjective. I'll walk you through my design process and we'll agree on a final product path.

3. Implement the plan and connect it with your data. I don't consider the job done until you've used the system and it's working for your team.
Working with Julian has been next level. His airtable genius has allowed us to refine our systems in ways we couldn't even imagine. Creating more efficiency in our team which has lead to more ease and more money. Plus he's super chill and great to have in my team meetings. Having an airtable guru to grow your workspaces is a must and Julian is the man with the master plan!
Sri Kala Roach
We are so excited that we found Julian! He is an Airtable wizard and has been able to help us with several tasks to improve data tracking & efficiency for our company. He really understands how to use Airtable to create solutions for businesses that work! Thanks, Julian!
Heather Brand
Operations Manager
Made For Math
We discovered Julian on TikTok and could not be happier to have found him. We had big dreams for using AirTable to automate and manage our operations, but after over a year of tinkering, we still hadn't cracked it. Then Julian came in and made our dreams a reality in a matter of days. He was a joy to work with, took the time to understand our complicated needs, and collaborated with us on solutions beyond what we could've imagined. He was especially patient and helpful with our changing ideas and requests. We can't wait to dream up more projects so we can keep working with him.
Kirstyn and Lindsey Shaw
The Very Best Cookie
With Julian's expert help we were able to modernize, automate, and better organize many complicated tasks that are unique to our small business. Not only was Julian easy to work with, communicative, and efficient, the successful execution of this project will save us labor costs for years to come. Julian is not only skilled in the many features of Airtable, he is also an excellent teacher, and a great asset when starting your transition to this versatile platform. Highly recommended!
Ben Collier
General Manager
Incredible Adventures
"Airtable proved more nimble for all sorts of tasks, including tracking farm employee hours and hiring new staffers. (Post built an automation that sends an email response to every candidate who applies.) He then created his own templates in Airtable’s Universe for tallying business expenses, tracking inventory, and managing payroll. Now, both Post and the farm’s director sales have created different views in Airtable bases that help them monitor day-to-day operations and processes."
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